Promote your residential programs with the best of real-time 3D technologies: interactive, immersive and aesthetic.

Do you want to offer the best digital experience for the marketing of your residential programs?
From DWG plans and BIM models, our teams create high quality interactive and immersive experiences that allow your prospects to project themselves into their future home. 3D aerial model of the program, aesthetic visit of the accommodation and housing configurators with buyer’s modification monitoring, are as many solutions that REALIZ3D brings you in order to guarantee a successful marketing.

Our exclusive configurator, REALDESIGNER, allows you to provide your prospects with a real housing configurator integrating all the ranges and services you offer. Thanks to its real-time 3D technology, users configure and visualize in real time the choices they make.

Because the purchase of a property is a decision of a lifetime for your customers, the REALDESIGNER becomes upon delivery the digital health record of the property. It allows the buyer to find all the information and technical documentation of the vital organs of their home. Thus, you differentiate yourself by the experience but also by the support you offer your customers.