Enhance, manage and communicate on the development of your territory thanks to our innovative 3D solutions

Are you a public institution in charge of developing and enhancing the value of your territory? Would you like to have a visualization and communication solution for investors, companies and your population?

REALIZ3D teams deploy their expertise to create real-time 3D mapping bases allowing territorial actors to enrich by themselves the information and developments of their territories. Public users manage and structure the information in their territories in order to be able to promote future development projects with companies and local residents.

From DWG plans, BIM models and statistical data of the territory, you create your own simulation, visualization and territorial intelligence software. Compatible with web technologies for Smart City, you get a scalable 3D platform that allows you to create scenarios to enhance the value of your territory.

From the web portal dedicated to your territory, you manage the information accessible to users according to their profiles and the degree of confidentiality of your documents (PDF, videos, web links,...). You remain in control of your information because REALIZ3D leaves all 3D source files available within the platform so that you can reuse them for other purposes.